Jean-Pierre Rousset's art is the expression of life in osmosis with nature. As a painter and photographer, he captures energy, aerial and earthly forces, vibrations and lines of force carrying life itself. Man immerses himself in the natural element, looking for primitive sensations in water, earth and rock, which have existed before humanity. He lets powerful emotions rise inside himself, emotions created as much by his own perception of a moment in time and of the environment, as well as by the aesthetics of the elements along with the evolution of the seasons and light. Back at the studio, the painter works fast, in powerful gestures, free and filled with an energetic pulsation drawn from the source of creation. The restricted space of the canvas welcomes the infinity of an eternal nature. Expression touches the edge of abstraction and figuration; colors make themselves known - at times contrasting violently, at others in a subtle harmony of shades, evoking the kaleidoscope of the artist's emotions. Rousset's art is inscribed in the too-often despised tradition of Abstract Naturalism, as defined by Gaston Bachelard, which recognizes the legitimacy of non-figurative representations of nature as perceived intimately by the artist.


 Marie-José Bouscayrol in Art au Présent, Editions Regards, 2010