Artistic approach : I use the 3 categories defined by Kandinsky to describe the 3 ways of approaching painting.

Each artwork, no matter the style, the technique or the subject, corresponds to one of these categories.

The category the artwork belongs to is mentioned under its reference number.

  • Impressions: artworks inspired by the outside world, which is interpreted according to the artist’s vision.
  • Improvisations: artworks that are not pre-conceived and that are realized without an outside model, from a vision, a dream, an idea, or like an automatic painting.
  • Compositions: artworks which are pre-conceived and combine elements that are precisely inter-related.

Original artworks: each original artwork is unique. However, whether the original is sold or not, it is also available as luxury signed silver prints resin coated. 5 numbered prints worldwide maximum. Ready to hang. You choose the size. Quote on demand.